Monday, August 22, 2011

~~ Iftaar at Chawk Bazaar ~~

Chowk Bazaar was one of the most famous business and social meeting centers of Dhaka in the Mughal period. Even after 400 years it is still famous as before. It is one of Dhaka's old town market and it formed in the place where other old markets once were. King Maan Singh protested for the country on behalf of Mugal kingdom. In 1602 he transferred the head office in Bawal to the present Central Prison and also the Mughal Durgo, that’s how Chowk Bazaar formed. Currently Chowk Bazar is a legendary marketplace for "traditional" and "Shahi" iftaar (Snacks items for breaking the ramadan fasting) items and crowded market. 
[Source: Wikipedia]

Shot At: Chowk Bazaar, Lalbag, Dhaka.
Shot By: Nikon D60

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lost Melody

"হারানো লেত্তি হারানো লাট্টু
সময় চলে গেছে 
বেয়াড়া টাট্টু
পালটে গেলি তুই
আমিও পালটে
গিয়েছি মাঝপথে
হাটতে হাটতে
... ... ... 
বন্ধু কি খবর বল ? --
কতদিন দেখা হয় নি!!! "

~~যদিদং হৃদয়ং মম~~
~~যদিদং হৃদয়ং মম~~

বঁধু কোন আলো লাগল চোখে (6/52)
বঁধু কোন আলো লাগল চোখে

The Lost Melody (7/52)
The Lost Melody

Witness of Generations /// fACELess - 7
Witness of Generations

Shot At: Different Location of Mymensingh
Shot By: Nikon D60

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~~~ getting dark too dark to see ~~~

Here I go
To take the one and only road I know in my life
Here I go
Another place to bare my heart and soul, restless nights
~~ [S C O R P I O N S]

Cotton Merchant /// fACELess - 4
Cotton Merchant /// fACELess - 4

Angry! /// fACELess - 5
Angry! /// fACELess - 5

Selling Glasses /// fACELess - 6
Glasses for sell /// fACELess - 6

Watching Colors - 2
Watching Colors - 2

Landmark at Sunset [Ahsan Manjil, Dhaka]
Landmark at Sunset

সন্ধ্যে হল সূর্য নামে পাটে (5/52)
Surreal Dusk

Shot At: Old Town (Dhaka)
Shot By: Nikon  D60