Sunday, October 2, 2011

From The Lap of Nature

"... What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain.. .
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah ..."
[-- M. J. ]

The Elephant Walk of Rain
The Elephant Walk of Rain

Prayers Must be Loud - 3
Prayers Must be Loud - 3

~ Into the Blue ~
~ Into the Blue ~

Under The Nature's Playground
Under The Nature's Playground

Saturday, September 3, 2011

~.: The Call of Water :.~

The Water calls like the Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Water calls - I wake up and rush like a sleepwalker
The water calls and I get lost ... ... ...


The Buriganga Drift
The Buriganga Drift

Keeping it safe
Keeping it Safe

মেঘে মেঘে রঙ ভীষণ (9/52)
মেঘে মেঘে রং ভীষণ

Bath of Serenity
The Bath of Serenity

Shot At: Dhaka, Mymensingh
Shot By: Nikon D60

Monday, August 22, 2011

~~ Iftaar at Chawk Bazaar ~~

Chowk Bazaar was one of the most famous business and social meeting centers of Dhaka in the Mughal period. Even after 400 years it is still famous as before. It is one of Dhaka's old town market and it formed in the place where other old markets once were. King Maan Singh protested for the country on behalf of Mugal kingdom. In 1602 he transferred the head office in Bawal to the present Central Prison and also the Mughal Durgo, that’s how Chowk Bazaar formed. Currently Chowk Bazar is a legendary marketplace for "traditional" and "Shahi" iftaar (Snacks items for breaking the ramadan fasting) items and crowded market. 
[Source: Wikipedia]

Shot At: Chowk Bazaar, Lalbag, Dhaka.
Shot By: Nikon D60

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lost Melody

"হারানো লেত্তি হারানো লাট্টু
সময় চলে গেছে 
বেয়াড়া টাট্টু
পালটে গেলি তুই
আমিও পালটে
গিয়েছি মাঝপথে
হাটতে হাটতে
... ... ... 
বন্ধু কি খবর বল ? --
কতদিন দেখা হয় নি!!! "

~~যদিদং হৃদয়ং মম~~
~~যদিদং হৃদয়ং মম~~

বঁধু কোন আলো লাগল চোখে (6/52)
বঁধু কোন আলো লাগল চোখে

The Lost Melody (7/52)
The Lost Melody

Witness of Generations /// fACELess - 7
Witness of Generations

Shot At: Different Location of Mymensingh
Shot By: Nikon D60

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~~~ getting dark too dark to see ~~~

Here I go
To take the one and only road I know in my life
Here I go
Another place to bare my heart and soul, restless nights
~~ [S C O R P I O N S]

Cotton Merchant /// fACELess - 4
Cotton Merchant /// fACELess - 4

Angry! /// fACELess - 5
Angry! /// fACELess - 5

Selling Glasses /// fACELess - 6
Glasses for sell /// fACELess - 6

Watching Colors - 2
Watching Colors - 2

Landmark at Sunset [Ahsan Manjil, Dhaka]
Landmark at Sunset

সন্ধ্যে হল সূর্য নামে পাটে (5/52)
Surreal Dusk

Shot At: Old Town (Dhaka)
Shot By: Nikon  D60

Monday, July 25, 2011

Let There Be Light XoX

Hey now,
all you sinners
                                                          Put your lights on, put your lights on
Hey now, 
all you children
Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on
Because there's a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ears
There's an angel, with a hand on my head
She say's I've got nothing to fear
She says: La illaha illa Allah
We all shine like stars
She says: La illaha illa Allah
We all shine like stars
Then we fade away .....
[-- Santana]

Prayers Must be Loud - 2 (4/52)
Prayers Must be Loud -2

Let there be light
Let There be Light


Finding Anchorage
Finding Anchorage

Shot by: Nikon D60
Shot at: Dhanmondi, Central Jail Road, New Market, Mymensingh.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


People say we got it made 
Don't they know we're so afraid 
We're afraid to be alone
Everybody got to have a home
[- John Lenon]

\m/ Riders of the storm \m/ (3/52)
Riders of the storm

Metalloid Brahmaputra
Metalloid Brahmaputra


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Night Knows - 2

Late at night all systems go 
You have come to see the show 
We do our best 
You're the rest 
You make it real you know 
There is a feeling deep inside 
That drives you fuckin' mad 
A feeling of a hammerhead 
You need it oh so bad 

Adrenaline starts to flow 
You're thrashing all around 
Acting like a maniac 
Watching Colors

In a Fix

Chit - Chats (2/52)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

মেঘ সিরিজ - ৬

 মেঘছায়ে সজল বায়ে মন আমার

উতলা করে সারাবেলা কার লুপ্ত হাসি, সুপ্ত বেদনা হয় রে॥
কোন্‌ বসন্তের নিশীথে যে বকুলমালাখানি পরালে
তার    দলগুলি গেছে ঝরে, শুধু গন্ধ ভাসে প্রাণে॥
জানি    ফিরিবে না আর ফিরিবে না,     জানি তব পথ গেছে সুদূরে
পারিলে না তবু পারিলে না চিরশূন্য করিতে ভুবন    মম--
তুমি    নিয়ে গেছ মোর বাঁশিখানি, দিয়ে গেছ তোমার গান॥

Saturday, July 2, 2011

90 Years of University of Dhaka

University of Dhaka started at 1921 at July 01. Yesterday was the 90th birthday of the "Oxford of the East". The whole campus was decorated as a bride. I couldn't resist myself to shoot some of the wonderful moments - and I was lucky to have much time to get after office and get my camera to the university. The Last photo is a part of my new personal project -- "52 colorful weekends". Recently Hasin vai and Raju vai started a series of 365 photos per day. The main theme is to "Keep alive the passion". I am interested to start some series like this -- but I guess I am lazy enough to do such e long project. SO I decided to start something that takes less effort :D -- "52 weekends" and "100 strangers portraits". Let's see how far I can keep the passion alive.

The Evening Rush - 3
The Evening Rush - 3

Standing Still
Standing Still

Celebrating - 2 (1/52)

Shot By: Nikon D60
Shot At: University of Dhaka.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Something Restless in the Air ... ... ...

Underneath the bridge
Tap has sprung a leak
And the animals I've trapped
All become my pets
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way
Something in the way, yeah

The Evening Rush - 2
The Evening Rush - 2

Escaping Rain
Escaping Rain 

Framed Rain
Framed Rain

Prayers must be Loud  ---  Louder than the light!
Prayers should be loud ... ... Louder than the light

Shot By: Nikon D60
Shot At:  Dhaka, Mymensingh